Dr. Nancy Bertelmann

Pharm D, DC, Advanced Nutrition Response Practicioner

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Welcome to Lakeland Natural Health. I am a firm believer that the only path to True Health is to support the body and allow it to do it's healing work naturally. Every day in my practice, I work with individuals to help identify the obstacles (immune challenges, chemical/metal toxicities, food sensitivities etc.) that block the way to true healing. I believe that good health resides in each one of us, but various stressors have prevented us from obtaining and retaining optimum health. I have used Nutrition Response Testing to successfully help many women, men and children overcome the challenges of fatigue, excess weight, anxiety, depression, eczema and many other health related conditions. I look forward to working with you and discovering your TRUE HEALTH potential.

March Seminar

to be rescheduled

Dr. Nancy Bertelmann
Pharm D, DC, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner
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A holistic way to improving your health.

The Lakeland Natural Health monthly Patient Education Seminar series is currently on hold until the Covid-19 Social Distancing requirement has past.

Please see our Blog Page for current information on the virus outbreak and what you can do to remain healthy