I have been asked if I had a change of heart going from allopathic medicine (Pharmacy) to holistic health care (Chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing). The answer is NO; it is a course correction, not a change of heart. I grew up with a Chiropractor as my primary care provider and went to him for everything from ear infections to growing pains and he always had a holistic natural answer without prescription medications.

After graduating from Pharmacy College, I worked as a Licensed Pharmacist in nearly every venue from hospital to retail and lastly for a long term care pharmacy (nursing home pharmacy). The medications I dispensed typically treated the symptom not the source often resulting in prescription dependence and unwanted side effects. Frequently I would counsel my pharmacy patients to see a Chiropractor for a holistic and natural solution to their problem.

Eventually, it became obvious that I needed to become "that" Chiropractor and I returned to college to earn my second Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. It was a perfect fit. I discovered Nutrition Response Testing while in school and it was a perfect marriage of true health care- "Chiropractic and Nutrition". Now I help my patients regain their true health... No Drugs, No Surgery, No Kidding.

Dr. Nancy Bertelmann is a native of St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana which is located 45 minutes south of New Orleans. She graduated with her first doctorate degree from the prestigious Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy in 1996. She practiced pharmacy for 18 years and in 2013 returned to college and earned her second doctorate from the leader of chiropractic education, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus.

Dr. Nancy Bertelmann

Pharm D, DC, Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Practitioner

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