Nutrition Response Testing


Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying cause of ill or non-optimum health. We utilize your body's neurological reflexes to test organs, glands, joints muscles etc. to determine if that system is being affected by a stressor (metal, chemical, immune challenge, food sensitivity or scar). By determining the specific stressor we can aid the body in reducing or eliminating the stressor and support the affected system.




"I always felt healthy before, but I feel even healthier on my Nutrition Response Testing program. I'm back to training for marathons and now  I have tons of energy!"



Chiropractic is a natural drug free form of health care which optimizes the body functions by allowing the central nervous system to communicate freely with the body. Misalignment of the spine can cause pain locally (e.g. back pain) or manifest itself in other harmful ways such as decreased organ function. Careful adjustment of the spine and other joints and tissues can often alleviate the symptoms and allow the body to heal naturally and regain optimum function.

Dr. Bertelmann prefers a more gentle approach to chiropractic adjustment and utilizes the following techniques to comfortably adjust spinal and joint segments:

           Diversified Technique                        Activator

           Thompson Drop Technique              SOT Blocks

            Flexion / Distraction


"Dr. Bertelmann says feed the body and it will do what it is supposed to do. My A1C is lower now that I am on the Nutrition Response Testing program. I feel so great"


"I haven't taken an Allergy tablet for my allergies and sinuses in months. Dr. Bertelmann and Nutrition Response Testing are amazing. I no longer have to suffer."


            Holistic Primary Care

Holistic  (definition)

The history of holistic health can be traced back to ancient Greece with the teachings of Hippocrates. Holistic health (or holistic medicine) is a diverse field of alternative medicine in which the "whole person" is focused upon, not just the malady itself.

Primary Care (definition)

Typically this provider acts as the first contact and principal point of continuing care for patients within a health care system and coordinates other specialist care that the patient may need.

Lakeland Natural Health wants to be part of your health care team. By allowing us to partner with you as your first point of entry into the non-emergency health care arena. you can be assured that your ailment, whether it be a cough, cold, sprain or strain will be taken seriously and you will receive the best health care available. If at any time we feel that other health care professionals need to be involved in your care, we will immediately make those recommendations.

We believe however, that most health issues can be treated holistically (non-invasive and non-prescription) and that our services offer a better chance of natural healing and long-term benefits.




Initial Consultation: Nutrition Response Testing

1 hour - $60.oo which includes some Intake information and health history, a Heart Rate Variability Analysis (Nerve Express) and an initial Nutrition Response Evaluation. We schedule a second visit at no additional charge (about 30 minutes long) to review the results of the initial consultation and present a detailed written report of findings.

Initial Consultation: Chiropractic

1 hour - $60.oo

Lakeland Natural Health offers monthly "Patient Education" and "Introduction to Nutrition Response Testing" seminars free to patients and the general public. Please call the office at 863-337-5013 for further information.

"I have been suffering with severe psoriasis for 20+ years. Dr. Bertelmann and Nutrition Response Testing have changed my life. I no longer use prescription medications for my psoriasis and the scaly itchy patches are significantly reduced".


"After years of suffering with back pain, Dr. Bertelmann helped alleviate the pain with Chiropractic Adjustment. Significantly, she helped strengthen my core with stabilization exercises to maintain alignment and prevent further back problems".


"With 4 children in school, it was common for 1 child with a cold or fever to share it with the others. Rather than continually going to the doctor for an endless supply of medications, we now see Dr. Bertelmann at the first sign of a cough or cold to combat the illness holistically. The children's immune systems are now stronger and the illnesses fewer with her help.".