Lakeland Natural Health


Patient Education Seminars

Lakeland Natural Health offers free Patient Education on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The topics are geared toward educating the community about the necessity for good nutrition in your diet as well as other health related topics. The following are full length videos (less a question and answer session) recorded live during our Patient Education Seminars. We will simultaneously broadcast on Facebook Live but will likely replace the saved Facebook video with  a produced version for better clarity and the addition of storyboards.

Recorded Live August 22, 2019

Recorded Live June 27, 2019

Recorded Live February 21, 2019

Recorded Live November 15, 2018

Recorded Live September 20, 2018

Recorded Live July 25, 2019

Recorded Live May 23, 2019

Recorded Live January 24, 2019

Recorded Live October 25, 2018

Recorded Live August 23, 2018